Running a digital home

OK, that’s it. As someone who’s worked in digital media for 15 years, you’d think I’ve have worked out that while I have a paperless office, it’s possible too to have a paperless home. But that concept is only dawning on me a year after we moved house, as I’m determined to spend less time clearing away and organising stuff.

So what are the tools and apps that I can use to organise my home life better? I’ve only just started on my quest, so any suggestions are most welcome. But these are the ones I’m starting out with.

Barclays banking app Hats off to Barclays for making their services ‘sticky’ by producing a handy little smartphone app that I can use, with just a simple passcode, to check account balances and payments while I’m on the tram or waiting for a friend. I haven’t tested out other banking apps for the obvious reason that I’d need accounts to make them testable, but the Barclays one has proved easy to use with a nice interface so gets my vote.

Pear budget Is anyone else using this and if so what do you think?

Google Docs Old hat, I know, but when I started using Google Docs to organise my personal life I knew I was getting serious about getting organised. When I started one that contained just a list of jobs for my husband, I knew I was getting too serious.

One comment

  1. I’ve started to use Evernote which takes some getting use to but has great potential. I plan (with emphasis on the ‘plan’!) to scan in all my recipes so I can eventually get rid of my overflowing ring binder, but I think it may take some time!

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