300 Seconds comes to Manchester

Robin and Amy Lynch
Robin Cramp and speaker Amy Lynch at 300 Seconds. (Photo © Ann Kempster)

Last week I spoke at 300 Seconds, only the fourth women’s networking and public-speaking event organised by three marvellous women: Sharon O’Dea, Ann Kempster and Hadley Beeman.

The story of 300 Seconds goes that these digital pals kept bumping into each other at technology events where all the speakers were male. Not only that, but they were the same speakers again and again. Wouldn’t it be great, they thought, to build a pool of female tech speakers by hosting an event that would act as a launch pad for new voices?

So they created an entry in Eventbrite for 14 May 2013 and surprised even themselves when it sold out rapidly. They hadn’t even sorted the venue out yet. Luckily, Hadley’s connections proved invaluable and Facebook stepped in to offer meeting space in their London offices.

And so it’s continued, with subsequent 300 Second events at the Guardian in London in September 2013, the BBC in MediaCity in Salford in November 2013, and the next at Mozilla in London in January 2014.

Ciara McVeigh
Speaker Ciara McVeigh from Discerning Digital. (Photo © Ann Kempster)

You can see read the Storify from the Manchester event here, and I’ll post links to all the speeches when they become available (yes, even mine). Do join in one of the 300 Second events if you get the chance and apply to speak if you’ve got a story to tell or want a chance to road test your speaking skills before a warm and friendly audience.

Thanks again to Ann and Sharon for all their excellent work so far. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about them.

Speaker Kylie Hodges (right) networks during the break. (Photo © Ann Kempster)

The 300 Seconds audience was about 50:50 male and female. (Photo © Ann Kempster)

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