Digital Me: Connected TV’s Jennifer Lyons

Twelve questions for women who work in digital media on their work, digital habits and their passions. This month: Product manager Jennifer Lyons, who lives in Manchester and works at MediaCityUK.

Jennifer Lyons
Jennifer Lyons

What’s your job?
Product Manager in TV Platforms, Future Media at the BBC and currently I’m the
product owner for the BBC Connected Red Button.

What did you study at university?
Business Studies.

How did you get into technology?
Via a digital marketing pathway. In the past I was working in mainly
printed marketing and I decided I need to gain more exposure online and got a position
as a Product Marketing Manager at a mobile games publisher. In this role I developed
my skills in Product Management and gained great exposure working with web and mobile
technologies. This was a great stepping stone into the technology space for me and two
years on I was lucky enough to be offered my current position at the BBC in Future

What’s the best thing about working in technology?
There are so many but I would say its forgiving nature! Changes and improvements can
be made in a matter of hours and updates can be made regularly for the end user. This
is incredibly important for me as a Product Manager to ensure we provide our audiences
with the best experience possible. When I worked with printed material there was
nothing worse than getting the new season’s catalogue delivered to my desk and spotting
mistakes and errors which the customer would then see for three months or more!

And the worst?
The limitations we can face with software and device capabilities can often be

How many gadgets do you have and what’s your favourite?
Six and counting! It may be the obvious choice but I would have to say my iPad, worth
every penny (although I would now quite like the air version but can’t quite justify
it). Looking forward to getting a Google Chromecast next.

What annoys you most about technology?
When devices are launched in the US before anyone else.

What three websites or apps could you not live without?
I think I’m quite practical with my app choices and I constantly think about apps I
would love people to develop; but I would say iPlayer (maybe a biased choice!), Amazon
and the Trainline app.

Facebook or Twitter?
I’m back to preferring Facebook

Why should women get into technology?
Because it’s a fascinating space to be in and for those in the North West, Media City
is a fantastic place to work.

What do you plan to do next?
I really enjoy working at the Beeb and it’s only one year in so I still have a lot to give. I
would like to explore more of the mobile space perhaps. Also getting married this year
which is my most exciting ‘do next’ ever!

If you didn’t do your job, what would you do?
I think I would retrain in design or follow my passion for baking and cooking, maybe
food photography. I would love to be paid to do that!

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