Game on: Fraggers gaming cafe in Altrincham, Manchester

Playing Sims 3 at Fraggers, Altrincham
Playing Sims 3 at Fraggers, Altrincham

Altrincham boy Mike Hardman has packed in his software developing job in London and returned to his hometown to bring joy to the gaming-hungry youth and grown-ups of the North West.

Fraggers, at 6 the Downs in Altrincham, Cheshire, opened its doors in late February 2014 and offers two floors of game heaven, with 25 PCs stations and four console stations complete three large-screen TVs and leather sofas. Players have access to nearly 300 games and pay by the hour, either up front or via an account.

Gaming got you hungry? The cafe to the front of Fraggers serves snacks like hot dogs and paninis as well as coffees and soft drinks. Parents have to stick around with kids under 13, but like me they can plug in to the free Wifi and keep busy. Parents: The cafe isn’t licensed and kids are only allowed access to age-appropriate according to the age on their account.

Mike’s plans for Fraggers goes beyond reaping money from games enthusiasts. He hopes to build a community of gamers and digital kids, with school tournaments, girl-gaming sessions, game-building clubs, dev days and code jams.

Mike was once the youngest trained Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) in Europe, and it’s clear he wants to help the younger generation explore and develop their digital, coding and gaming talents. His contagious enthusiasm and obvious expertise come at no extra charge.

Find out more about Fraggers at and follow Mike and Fraggers on Twitter and on Facebook.

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