Hidden Art Altrincham 2017 is finally here

Guest post by ANNE EARLEY


Businesses in Altrincham are really getting behind Hidden Altrincham 2017 which starts on Thursday 14th September. The Con Club on Greenwood Street near Altrincham Market will be one of the restaurants getting involved, hosting an exhibition by internationally renowned artist Paola Bazz.

Paola Bazz , who lives in Altrincham, originally trained as an architect and practised in Venice. She has been a full-time artist since 2010 and her striking collages, created using folded strips of paper, have achieved international recognition. Several of her works have been selected for inclusion in the Saatchi catalogue, which is received by 200 000 collectors in the United States, and for Saatchi Art online.

Shredded Portrait by Paola Bazz (1)

Paola’s exhibition in the Con Club will showcase her stunning 3D collages which are created using strips of paper folded into concertina shapes. Paola’s work reflects her fascination with the human face and with recreating a glimpse of the subject’s personality. The exhibition will be an opportunity to see a new collage technique that Paola has developed using wires to support folded paper within a plexi-glass frame.

Paolo uses a monochromatic colour palette of white, grey and black with some accents of yellow and red. She is excited about exhibiting at the Con Club as the believes that the restaurant will provide a stunning contemporary background to her work. The Con Club is equally excited about hosting Paola’s exhibition.

“Paola Bazz creates collages that are eye-catching and intriguing, whichwill complement our restaurant beautifully. They will be a real show piece and we can’t wait to see the reaction from our customers and staff,” says Suzi Gee from the Con Club.


The Con Club is just one of the local businesses supporting the event. Over thirty venues including offices, shops, bars, restaurants and other premises will be displaying a huge variety of work from over fifty artists and hosting workshops, poetry readings and story-telling sessions.

For more information on Hidden Altrincham go to www.hiddenaltrincham.co.uk.

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