A woman’s guide to the World Cup

Watching England play Tunisia with my dog

I love the World Cup and every four years am gripped by the drama played out in one exciting location or another. But this year something is different. This year I have noticed, for the first time really, that – leaving aside the fans and the people watching the games on TV – the whole event is totally and utterly male. Which I never minded before, but this time round I’m missing female faces and voices to make me feel included.

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Hidden Art Altrincham 2017 is finally here

Guest post by ANNE EARLEY


Businesses in Altrincham are really getting behind Hidden Altrincham 2017 which starts on Thursday 14th September. The Con Club on Greenwood Street near Altrincham Market will be one of the restaurants getting involved, hosting an exhibition by internationally renowned artist Paola Bazz.

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